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Hello. My name is Erin Robinson, grab a comfy seat, a drink and we'll get better acquainted.

I began my passion and lifelong journey of learning photography about 7 years ago. Photography was complimentary to what I was doing at the time, and it inspired me to seek more knowledge. I started to delve in to capturing  what I saw beauty in and what brought me a sense of "rightness". It was then that I realized the possibilities with photography were endless, one could never truly master the craft, but you could seriously chase it in hopes to turn out something great that others would find joy in too. 

I grew up on a farm in Southern Ohio where we had a multitude of animals. Whether we were preparing animals for a 4-H project or a they were farm pets, we never lacked companionship of the 4 legged variety. My dad taught me in order to cultivate a trusting relationship with our livestock, it required a dose of patience, a sense of humor and the ability to put others above myself. You can see, animals provide a deep sense of peace to me. The silent communication between photographer and subject is a beautiful thing, and the honor between the two is the result you see here. I feel that way with people as well, it is truly an honor to capture an image, a special event or those delightful candid moments when the soul sings clearly for the camera to hear. Life is beautiful, and we should seek the same in those we meet. 

So, who am I? I am a wife, a mother, a thinker, a doer, an artisan, grownup farm girl, nature and animal lover(my family cares for 3 dogs and 5 cats), bibliophile, lifetime learner, and so much more.  I am a photographer with my feet firmly rooted and my head in the clouds. I am Erin, it's my pleasure to meet you!